Top Travel Blog in Finland

Award-winning KAUKOKAIPUU (Eng. Wanderlust) is the most popular Travel Blog in Finland with 30–70k monthly readers.


The most popular Travel Blog in Finland

KAUKOKAIPUU (Wanderlust) is an award-winning outdoor travel blog covering thrilling activities both in my home Scandinabia and in far-flung places, be it singing with whales in Nothern Norway or trekking the great ranges of Asia.

Our readers are:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy nature and adventure but also a hot shower and nice bed at day’s end.
  • Boutique travellers seeking authentic adventures in special places.
  • Exploration junkies obsessed with maps and great expeditions.

Kylmäpihlajan majakkasaari

Stats (06/2022)

  • 40 000 page views / week
  • 24 000 sessions / week
  • 16 000 different users / week
  • More than 630 000 different users per year

All SEO optimized

I’ve been working as an SEO consultant for the past 10 years. Comprehensive, good user experience, researched, promoted, consistently updated for freshness; KAUKOKAIPUU offers SEO optimized blog articles with long lasting visibility.

We've Been Adventurous Together

Suomen luetuin matkablogi
#SUOMIRETKI (a trip on Finland) won the I’ve found my sweet spot -stipend at PING HELSINKI fair.


KAUKOKAIPUU is an Award-winning Travel Blog

★ The Best Travel Blog in Finland in 2016, The Blog Awards Finland*
The most popular Travel Blog in Finland in 2015**, Cision Finland
The most popular Travel Blog in Finland in 2013, Cision Finland
★ The 2. best Travel Blog in Finland in 2014 and 2017, Cision Finland

* No competition has organized after 2016.
** Cision has not listed the most popular travel blogs after 2015.


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