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I’m Marinella, a 28-year-old Junior Content Planner at Valve Digital Agency. In my leisure time I’m a freelance Travel Blogger, Travel Journalist and Photographer.

My Travel Blog called Kaukokaipuu (Wanderlust), inspired and kickstarted by student exchange in Italy, is soon celebrating its third birthday and got chosen to Finland’s favourite Travel Blog by Cision in 2013. The blog resides at, the largest and the most popular travel focused media in Finland. They have over 620 000 unique visitors per month.

When I started with Kaukokaipuu I couldn’t even imagine wherever blogging could take me. I’ve been wandering around at press trips in past couple of years and usually as a Rantapallo representative. I’ve been cooking saffron risotto with Michelin star chef. I’ve been writing and making a living from travel themed articles. I’ve been meeting with lovely co-bloggers and co-operated with my favourite brands. I’ve been as an assistant photographer to Discovery Channel and networked with my traveller hero Riku Rantala from Madventures TV-series.

The core of Kaukokaipuu consists of travel photos about landscapes, urban life and food, low budget travelling and giving well thought travelling tips.


Nominated as the Finland’s favourite Travel Blog in 2013

Kaukokaipuu got chosen to Finland’s favourite travelblog by Cision in 2013.
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Instagram Travel Thursday

My travel blog is co-hosting Instagram Travel Thursday in Finland.
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